BioPure BioClampsTM are a patented plastic tri-clamp with quick release, specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories.

  • Bio ClampsTM are moulded from glass reinforced nylon USP Class IV
  • BioClampsTM reduce the distortion on polymeric components when subjected to heat
  • BioClampsTM are more compatible with current Pharmaceutical and Biotech manufacturing with greater flexibility in operation and single use disposal
  • Bio-ClampsTM can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134°C for 5 minutes
  • Bio-ClampsTM subjected to 60 kGy (6Mrad) showed no detectable weakening
  • Bio ClampsTM of any size can be supplied in your corporate branding colour
Art.nummer Afmeting Verpakking Aantal
NG075WH 1/2" - 3/4" TC Per stuk
NG150WH 1- 1 1/2" TC Per stuk
NG200WH 2" TC Per stuk
NG250WH 2 1/2" TC Per stuk
NG300WH 3" TC Per stuk
NG400WH 4" TC Per stuk
NG600WH 6" TC Per stuk
NG800WH 8"TC Per stuk
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