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TYGON® 3360LA is a premium, low absorption, platinum-cured silicone tubing especially developed for biopharmaceutical applications. This tubing answers the need for fluid transport tubing that helps optimize performance by reducing the propensity for sorption. TYGON® 3360LA has an absorption rate lower than any elastomeric tubing currently in use, thereby making it a viable alternative when fluid integrity must be maintained. Since TYGON® 3360LA minimizes the removal of preservatives during the manufacturing process, optimum product integrity is assured.

• Reduces preservative removal during use
• Exhibits lower absorption rates than typical silicone tubing
• Tubing structure is translucent for fluid inspection
• Great peristaltic pump life characteristics
• Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria

Typical Applications:
• Drug processing
• Insulin production
• Drug therapy
• Chemical synthesis
• Experimental procedure

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