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C-Flex® braided tubing - 082 formulation


C-Flex® braided tubing is an ultra-flexible, high-purity option for applications where thermoplastic tubing is desired but the pressure requirements exceed those that can be accommodated by a non-reinforced thermoplastic product. Manufactured from the finest grade of thermoplastic materials – C-Flex® formula 082; clear, animal derived component free resin; and reinforcing polyester braid – this new offering from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is fully characterized, validated and tested to a variety of specifications. Our manufacturing facility can create unique color-coded systems, sizes and coil lengths to meet your particular application needs.

• Biopharmaceutical grade
• Pressure rating 5 times greater than unbraided options
• Ultra-flexible, with improved bend radius over non-reinforced tubing
• Autoclavable and gamma sterilizable
• Temperature range of -50°F to 250°F (-45°C to 121°C)
• Available in 25-foot lengths

Typical Applications:
• Cell cultures
• Vessel and tank transfer
• Pump applications
• Cold storage

• C-Flex® braided tubing can be provided with overmolded polypropylene tri-clamp adapters; contact us for special quotes.

Art.nummer Omschrijving ID Inches (mm) x OD Inches (mm) Aantal
CFB-082-125-2 C-flex Braided ID 1/8 (3,2) x OD .355 (9,0) - 25ft/7,6m
CFB-082-250-4 C-flex Braided ID 1/4 (6,4) x OD 1/2 (12,7) - 25ft/7,6m
CFB-082-375-4 C-flex Braided ID 3/8 (9,5) x OD 5/8 (15,9) - 25ft/7,6m
CFB-082-500-4 C-flex Braided ID 1/2 (12,7) x OD 3/4 (19,1) - 15ft/4,6m
CFB-082-625-6 C-flex Braided ID 5/8 (15,9) x OD 1 (25,4) - 15ft/4,6m
CFB-082-750-6 C-flex Braided ID 3/4 (19,1) x OD 1-1/8 (28,6) - 15ft/4,6m
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