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BarbLock® Tooling


The Stainless Steel Jaws of the Assembly Tool are designed to allow the customer to assemble the Sleeve & Collet into a BarbLock® assembly. The upper and lower jaws are designed to capture and contain the pre-locked Sleeve and Collet. The design of the jaws is interchangeable allowing the tool to be inverted if required for your convenience.

Art.nummer Omschrijving Aantal
BLT125 BarbLock tooling for BL135125
BLT187 BarbLock tooling for BL135187
BLT250 BarbLock tooling for BL135250
BLT375 BarbLock tooling for BL135375
BLT500 BarbLock tooling for BL135500
BLT625 BarbLock tooling for BL135625
BLTURT BarbLock removal tool
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